Advanced planning solution for pharmaceutical distribution

Distripha optimizes your order and inventory planning using AI without changing your current management software


Boost your performance with DISTRIPHA



Less Deliveries
More Counter Time

You and your team spend less time managing orders and more time serving customers at the counter

Fairer Stock
More Sales

You have in stock what the client wants, in sufficient quantity, and you don't miss sales

Less Inventory
More Profit Margin

No more dead stock, no more overstocks and no more expiries, every product stored is meant to be sold quickly

How it works

DISTRIPHA is your intelligent assistant for order and inventory planning, it allows you to stay focused on your core business

Optimal order propositions

Order only what you need, and focus on high value-added actions

Interactive dashboards

Stay informed about your business in a clear and concise way through simple and powerful reports

Smart notifications

Receive important information before anyone else and react efficiently to increase your performance

Recognized products

Supplied boxes

Scheduled deliveries

Unnecessary deliveries avoided


DISTRIPHA manages situations that are specific to the pharmaceutical industry

Daily orders

Missing products


Days on call

New products

Urgent orders


... and many others

DISTRIPHA acts in favor of the environment

Less deliveries

Less deliveries means less fuel consumption, less traffic in the city, less pollution

Less paper delivery notes

Less documents means less paper, less trees cut, less waste produced

Less expired products and product returns

Less expired products means less pharmaceutical waste, less dangerous products

Reduction of unnecessary stock

Less stock means less energy used for lighting, refrigeration and maintenance


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  • Purchasing orders proposals
  • Stock optimization
  • Pharma OR parapharmacy products
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  • Purchasing orders proposals
  • Stock optimization
  • Pharma OR parapharmacy products
  • Dashboards
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  • Purchasing orders proposals
  • Stock optimization
  • Pharma AND parapharmacy products
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Ask us your questions

DISTRIPHA is available from any fixed or mobile device connected to the Internet. Always stay connected to your application, even when you are far away.

No, you keep your current software. DISTRIPHA works in addition to the main softwares that exist on the market, without changing your working habits.

Yes, when you start your trial period, you have access to all DISTRIPHA features without any commitment. If at the end of the trial period you wish to leave the solution, no compensation or penalty is applied.

Most order proposal algorithms are based on simple stock coverage or sales replacement rules. DISTRIPHA's algorithm relies on several dozen rules (short and long term history, seasonality, shortages, special sales, markets, COVID waves, etc.) to optimize the order proposal.

No, it's the opposite: DISTRIPHA adopts your working habits and offers you personalized answers. If you have a majority of passing customers, or if you are used to buying in bulk, if you are a big company or a small local shop, DISTRIPHA adapts to you and improves your performance.

No, you still make your orders yourself or through your teams, but with an intelligent assistant to help you make the right decisions faster. DISTRIPHA frees you and your teams to spend more time serving your customers and dealing with important issues.


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